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So, tell me.

I’ve noticed I’ve lost about 30 followers, which is fair because I haven’t updated this blog in MONTHS and I sincerely apologize. Unfortunatly my interest in Doctor Who has begun to sway and I need some motivation if this blog is to go back to being kept regularly. SO, tell me if you would like me to come back to updating this blog on a regular basis. If enough people tell me they don’t want to see this blog go I will happily ensure its continuation.


“Now you know what’s at stake, why your life must end.”

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Custom TARDIS Motorcycle

Spotted at the Phoenix Comic 2012, this bike has been tricked out to look like a Time Machine.

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If you don’t like Doctor Who that’s your opinion, but you’re wrong and I hate you 

I have a suggestion for the creator of Doctor Who


Have The Doctor interact with Slenderman. I mean, come on. We all know it is the best and worst idea ever. It will be the most horrifying, amazing episode in the history of Doctor Who. 

If they actually make an episode with Slenderman, my reaction will go something like this:

If it happens, I’ll most likely be crying and hiding in the corner for the whole episode. 

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I have so much admiration for whoever did this haha

I have so much admiration for whoever did this haha

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